Slow Hands, new lyrics.

Authors note: Some songs seem to get fast tracked. Having written the music on Monday night and touching up the mix on Tuesday, messing with the lyrics on Wednesday and finishing them today. Oddly enough, inspired to finish them by the conversations I’d had the previous night while intoxicated. I often find that when I am writing lyrics, context and perspective tend to be the missing piece. Hopefully we can get the vocals tracked for this one soon so that you all can hear it. Hopefully we play a show soon and hopefully you all are there to be with us. But, for now, without further adieu… the lyrics.

I’m really not a wistful guy. I send them home and wish them well.
And I prefer to sleep alone at night. So I can keep my dreams to myself.
But somewhere in the scheme of things there stews and broods a yearning.
It sickens like a hangover we wake to every morning.
Relentless like a phantom limb daring me to lean on it
I know I’ll fall yet ponder while I know that it’s all futile.

(chorus) Strange tides, I’ll know the way. With slow hands to guide me.

I did away with feelings. I bartered them in trade.
what did I get to take their place? oh, let me count the ways.
I got a sense of being, some really nice things.
Gathered in a nice house, I enjoy them with my privacy.
But all of these possessions seem so devoid of meaning.
Would I trade it for an instant with her, knowing that it’s fleeting?

(chorus) Strange tides, I’ll know the way. With slow hands to guide me.

Strange tides. I’ll waste it
I’ll know the way. I warped it
With slow hands I wish for it now
to guide me.
Strange tides I’ll waste it
I’ll know the way I warped it
with slow hands I wish for it now
to guide me

Strange tides, I’ll know the way. With slow hands to guide me… home.

Ps… oh, and I hope this works..

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This is a long drive for someone without an auxilary jack on their stereo.

Of all the Chevy Colorado’s sold in 2011 I somehow bought the only one that didn’t have an aux-jack. too busy burning the demo CD’s the night before we were unable to burn CD’s of road music for our personal pleasure. Thus we were forced to ride for the most part in silence. Long winding roads with only silence and the corridors of the mind; wandering to other times I had made the pilgrimage north on the I-5. So logically it was hard to avoid thoughts that made me feel sentimental and with that sentiment, sadness and angst. I began to make a mental tally of the times my mind wandered to such places and then realized that doing so was just perpetuating the problem.
We would play an amazing show thanks to the incredible competence of the sound man whose name I forgot, much to my dis-credit since he seemed like a good dude and if I ever play there again I wish I could request him by name. despite some equipment failure we played one of our best shows. We want to thank all of the people who were there to share it with us. To everyone who wasn’t there- you were missed and we hope to see you at the next one. Special thanks to Brian for booking the show, Brandon for pestering us to get off our asses, and thanks to the Ladybug for being a constant source of inspiration. Ladybug.

Cheer,  -matt-

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wood burning stoves = romance

Unless you are alone. Which I am. Watching stargate atlantis. I have chosen not to capitalize the name of the show because in my mind it is not a proper noun. You can tell those B-list celebrities I said so. But more on topic. We (TSW&CO.) have a show in Eugene Oregon (both proper nouns) and we are excited about it. We are playing a very long set list with several covers (surprise covers) and several songs for the first time live. It’s actually our first laptop set so on a more emotional note this is a very large step forward for us as a band. Those songs came from a very different process of songwriting and thus came from a very different place and were much like re-inventing the wheel for us. Emotionally as well as mechanically. Less bullshit, more honest. And so, by the light of this here wood burning stove, this is my first fireside chat with all you fans (all ten of you) and would fans alike.
Team Member Matt signing off.

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